Some of the nice things people have said...

about sil's faculty

"Hy is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is committed to helping his students learn the material, yet have fun at the same time. He's one of the first people to come to work and the last one to leave, and that shows his extraordinary passion for his work." 

"Michelle went above and beyond to squeeze my last semester around my trips and finish in time for graduation. She chose books I would be interested in, making me love reading and writing so much more."

"Suzan was probably the best teacher I have ever had, and the entire SIL environment is very welcoming. Without SIL/Suzan I probably wouldn't have graduated!!!!!!! So thankful I was able to go here."


ABOUT the school

"It was a great experience and exactly what I needed. It took my stress away and made me feel like I was actually learning the content to mastery."

"Great instruction, great course. I have a much stronger understanding of Spanish than I did going in."

"SIL allowed me the freedom necessary to graduate in time, and through hard work it paid off in the long run. I am happy now in where I am, and would recommend SIL to others."

" I felt SIL helped me learn so much more than public school and I also really appreciated how the teachers encouraged me to bring my own creativity into the classroom. I often felt discouraged for thinking differently in a class while I was at public school. SIL taught me that I wasn't wrong--I was just giving a different, yet also insightful answer!" 

"SIL was the best high school experience I could have hoped for. I feel that the individual instruction helped me to become more independent when I transitioned back to a large classroom setting at college because I knew how to study, how to be organized, and how I learned material most effectively."