Matt was born in Connecticut and grew up in Los Altos, California. He attended Los Altos High School, then left for UCLA, where he graduated with a BS in Physics. While in school, Matt stayed busy leading a team and water conservation project for a UCLA sustainability organization, Bruin Home Solutions, and played on the university’s rugby team. He also participated in research with the applied math department, sang in several choirs, and spent a term studying abroad in Spain.

Matt has loved math for as long as he can remember, and found his passion for physics after taking classes in high school and reading several physics books. He has been a math tutor since high school, and believes that any student can be a “math person” with the right attitude and instruction. His goal as a teacher and tutor is for his love of the subjects he teaches to be passed down to his students.

Outside of teaching, Matt enjoys playing for a rugby club in Mountain View, and listens to lots of music. He is a big fan of traveling, having been to 20 different countries in his lifetime. Spain is his favorite, and he strives to maintain his Spanish language skills by speaking and listening whenever he has the chance.