math at sil


what’s Sil’s approach to Math?

Here are a few thoughts from our faculty:

“A SIL teacher is more than just someone who lectures, gives homework, and proctors exams.  SIL teachers wear many hats.  We are a mentor, a counselor (both educational and life), a supportive listener, and a friend.  The one-to-one learning provides a safe and nurturing environment for students.  So, SIL teachers teach, but we also listen.”

“At SIL, we are more concerned with understanding concepts and processes than with are with just arriving at the correct answer. For example, if a student is taking a Pre-Calculus class and we spot an Algebra 1 issue, we are going to address those holes in the their knowledge to make them a stronger math student overall.”

“At SIL, we work on accomplishing the same curriculum content as our neighboring school, while personalizing instruction to what is most helpful to the student. We focus on the entire process of solving a problem, from understanding the backing concepts, to recognizing how to approach new problems, to showing work and understanding the logical progression of a solution.” 

what does grading look like?

The bulk of a student’s Math grade will come from chapter assessments and the Final exams. Homework is assigned and graded but teachers are concerned as much with the genuine effort as they are with correct answers.

Retaking tests?

In order to prevent misuse, students must earn the opportunity of a retest. To do so, teachers may assign 3 to 5 homework problems pertaining to each missed question and allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the mistakes made. A student has the opportunity to test each chapter no more than three times, that is, the original test and up to two retests. In cases where a student has exhausted all three opportunities, then the lowest score will be dropped and the two remaining scores are averaged.