How long has the school been around? Our Mission and History page has more information on that point.

Who are your teachers? Check out their biographies.

Is your school accredited?  Yes, SIL is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and our courses are approved by the UC. They are also approved by the NCAA for aspiring collegiate student athletes. Our approved list can be accessed online.

What's your CEEB code? Good question: 052209.

Does SIL award diplomas? Yes, 

Am I guaranteed an A? No. A student is not guaranteed an A or an B or even that they will pass. However, we don't penalize a student for not understanding something - our classes are collaborative rather than punitive.  If a student is motivated and willing to do the work, we well provide every resource we can to help them succeed in the course. Retakes are available, but require review of the material - check with each department for the relevant policy.

How long will my course take to complete? It varies. Students complete a course once they have achieved all course outcomes, regardless of how much or how little time they have spent in class. Many students re-taking courses bring prior knowledge, and are able to progress quickly. Other students, finding the material challenging, may need more time. Because the completion of any SIL course is predicted on a student's understanding of the material, the timeframe in which you learn is determined by your own effort and ability. We do not require any number of lessons. Once you demonstrate mastery of course outcomes, you will have finished the course.

Where do your students end up going after high school? Here's our school profile. It has information about the graduation path at our school and where our students attend college.

How does college advising work? SIL's Principal, Richard, is happy to help with college advising, in an introductory capacity.

Do I have to take all of my classes at SIL?  Can I take classes at a Community College too? For our full-time students, we are happy for you to supplement SIL classes with those from community colleges or online providers. Chat with Richard about your course selection.

What kind of socialization and community does SIL offer students? Our Student Government meets each Tuesday from 12-1 pm and all students are welcome. We also hold a School BBQ each Friday from 12-1 pm. For more information on our school community, check out the SIL Community Page and/or contact our Student Government Advisor, Nick Rocha.

What's the deal with all the penguins? We love penguins: They're cool, they're our school mascot and no, we don't know why.

How do your students complete PE? Athletics tend to happen differently at SIL with students involved in club sports, dance, international tournaments, the SIL Running Club, or keeping a PE log for credit. Still, we have a school sport: Ping Pong.  We have two tables and an annual tournament.  Pick up a paddle, everyone is welcome to play.

Anything else that I forgot to ask?  Probably, so come in and visit. And please know this: Teaching is our passion and profession.  But, we don't have all the answers.  As in the classroom, we seek to evolve and better our understanding by continuing to ask questions.  Talk to us.  Give us feedback.  SIL is a community endeavor of the students, parents, and teachers who form our school.