2019-2020 Is Your Time For Custom Educational Solutions

Welcome back, to those returning, and welcome to those who are joining us for the first time.

One of the questions we receive most often is: “can my 7th grader take this math with you even though they aren’t in high school yet?” We offer high school courses to students of all ages who have the maturity to understand the material. One of our recent graduates who spoke at the graduation ceremony said how fond she had grown of SIL during her 9 years with us. She started younger than most, but we have the flexibility to help anyone and everyone who walks through our doors who is ready and wants to learn.

We invite you to inquire about our school, and we will be glad to answer your questions as we create custom educational solutions for your student along their academic path, whether at the beginning of 7th grade, or in the 2nd semester of Senior year.